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Actived: Monday Feb 22, 2021


A New Concept for Placing Coupons and Sensors for

They give the possibility to extract samples and perform off-line laboratory analysis. The objective of this research work is to develop a concept for positioning sentinel coupons and sensors at representative and indicative locations in the water distribution system. A new integer linear programming formulation is proposed that is a weighted

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Experimental Investigation and Numerical Analysis of the

It was observed that the measured tensile strength, damage, and failure modes varied significantly with the off-axis angle. The subcell modeling approach was successful in predicting both the strength and failure mode for the 0, 30, and 60° coupons but overpredicted the strength for the 90° coupons, where a strong free edge effect on damage

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Strengthening of Concrete Structures with Textile

A variety of TRM coupon geometries have been tested and different gripping methods have been used. Plate-type TRM coupons have been widely used, but bone-shaped or dumbbell [Figs. 3(a–c)] specimens (Colombo et al. 2011; Hartig et al. 2012; Ascione et al. 2015) have also been tested to enable failure in the central region of the coupon [Fig. 3

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