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One of our most recent additions is the availability of dedicated bookshelf speakers. At Audiogurus, we completely understand that many of our customers have limited space, but still want unlimited sound. We are proud to offer the sleek new line of Usher Audio bookshelf speakers. These unique speakers, as most audio connoisseurs know, contain unique proprietary diamond technology which makes

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Open Box Items | Discount Home Theater | Audiogurus Store

Returns happen—they just do. Maybe it was the wrong size. Maybe the color didn't matchor someone forgot to ask their significant other before making a purchase! Whatever the reason, their loss is your gain. We've got open box items that are like-new, but at dramatic discounts. Find these and more incredible discounts at our clearance store.

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Holiday Deals | Audiogurus Store

Holiday Savings - Check out these specials and a lot more. Shop Holiday Deals at Audiogurus.

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Home CD Players | Audiogurus Store

If you're looking for a stereo playback system, you're going to want a high-quality playback source. That's still, believe it or not, a CD player. Although having a Blu-ray player will get the job done, a dedicated CD player will maximize the quality of digital audio coming off the disc and will also bring your home audio system to another level. Find the best Home CD Players at Audiogurus and

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HD Antennas | AM / FM Antennas | Audiogurus Store

A television antenna can bring you uncompressed high definition video, including all major networks, for absolutely no subscription fees. That means that with a very small up-front cost you may be able to drop your monthly cable or satellite bill forever. If experiencing a better way to enjoy your favorite movies for a really low cost is not a good enough reason to take a second look at

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Hot Home Theater Deals | Audiogurus Store

Availability: 1-2 Business Days Be the first to review this product - 3 x Klipsch CDT-3800-C II In-Ceiling Speakers - 2 x Klipsch CDT-3650-C II In-Ceiling Speakers

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Infrared Products - Accessories | Audiogurus Store

Whenever you relocate equipment into a closet, or even inside of AV furniture, you're typically going to need an IR system to transmit the information from your remote controls into the area where you've hidden away your gear. With an IR receiver and transmitter, you won't be able to move your equipment out of eyesight and still control your fancy new home theater system. We have a nice

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Pinnacle Audio - Shop by Brand | Audiogurus Store

Pinnacle Speakers is renowned for their minimalist design and their ability to produce speakers which handle frequencies from the deepest of lows, to the crispest of highs. It is important that you, the Audiogurus customer, realizes that the same quality is present from the bookshelf speakers, which produce mellow, accurate representation, to the subwoofers which produce rich, resonating lows

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Audio & Video Cables | Audiogurus Store

Audio & Video Cables No home theater is complete without the proper audio and video cables. This is why we provide a huge selection of speaker cables and video cables to choose from. In order to produce the highest quality audio and video that your equipment has to offer, you need to make sure a full signal is being passed through to your system.

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Speaker Mounts - Speakers | Audiogurus Store

Speaker wall mounts and Speaker Stands provide a space-saving and functional solution for placing your speakers off the ground. Most surround speakers are capable of being wall mounted and using speaker mounts will allow you to aim them in the proper direction for maximum sound. Whether you want to install them off the ground or on top of a strong but modern support, the best solution is right

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Home Theater Package Deals | Audiogurus Store

These all-in-one Home Theater Packages will make your installation easier, your experience better and your wallet fuller. With Audiogurus special package deals, you can save more than ever before. We put together the right speakers with the right AV receiver to create the perfect home theater for anyone's needs. From tower systems to small bookshelf speakers, our packages come in many shapes

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