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Adopt-a-school: Select an under-served elementary or middle school and gather donations to provide to the students. Alumni outreach: Launch a project focused on encouraging alumni to engage with current students. Bake sale: Host a bake sale at school to raise money for a worthy cause. Bird houses: Help wildlife and improve your woodworking skills by building bird houses or bird feeders for

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Free Ticket Template | LoveToKnow

If the logo is too large, you risk cutting it off of the ticket, or printing a blurry image. Color Schemes. If you wish to give the tickets for your fundraising or casual event a more creative flair, consider making the following adjustments: Formal Fundraiser: Print on black card stock paper and use white text.

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Coupon Book Fundraiser Ideas and Tips | LoveToKnow

What Is Coupon Book Fundraising? Selling coupon books can be a terrific way for all types of nonprofit organizations to raise money.This type of fundraiser simply involves selling booklets that contain certificates for discounts on various types of products and services. Coupons are an effective way to raise money because they have such a large audience, with over 90% of Americans using

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Charitable Contributions Federal Deduction Tax Form

Subtract the value of any benefit you received for your donation (such as coupons or t-shirts). The total of your cash donations goes on line 16 of the Schedule A form for Itemized Deductions. Remember that sometimes it can be beneficial to carry over contributions to the next year. Non-Cash Charitable Giving

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List of Fundraising Ideas | LoveToKnow

Cook-Off: Choose a specific type of food, like barbecue or chili, then solicit local chefs, cooks, and eateries to offer their best dish in that category. Invite the community to pay an entry fee or small amounts for each tasting.; Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items participants must find and bring back or take a picture with.

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Printable Breast Cancer Ribbons | LoveToKnow

Printable pink breast cancer ribbons make great multipurpose decorations for personal use or at charity events.From invitations to wall decor and scrapbooks, these five ribbons are useful for every breast cancer patient and survivor.

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Small Church Fundraiser Idea Gallery | LoveToKnow

Doughnuts are a popular fundraiser for many types of groups. If there is a Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Doughnuts, or other doughnut shop in your area, call and ask about the company's fundraising program. Most stores that specialize in doughnuts offer special fundraising rates on doughnuts by the dozen as well as on coupons for doughnuts.

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