Some hold to what is called the impeccability of Christ. This is the view that it was not possible for Christ to have sinned. Other believe that if Jesus were not able to sin then his temptations would have been a farce.

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Halloween Trick-or-Treating: Yes or No? - ChurchLeaders

When you get the eBook, you will also get a coupon code for 50 percent off our FEAR curriculum! Our curriculum, FEAR, teaches your children to be courageous while facing their fears. You will never be able to protect your kids from fear. BUT, you can teach them what to do when they encounter fear! P.P.S. We made a free coloring page!

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94 Servant Evangelism Ideas for Your Church

10. Ice Cream Coupons. Approach a local ice cream store and explain your desire to give away thousands of ice cream coupons. Chances are the owner/manager will be willing to give you a good deal on ice cream coupons. Attach a connection card to each coupon, and you’ll have a project that will elicit a response from just about everyone in town.

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Do You Need a Second Chance? -

Or, if you’d prefer, you can use the coupon code “POTSC” when checking out and get 20% off anything in the POTSC store. For five lucky readers, though, I have free Gracenomics books to give away. Just add a comment to this post to be entered in the contest. I will select the winners tomorrow (Friday, November 19) at 4:00 pm EST.

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How You Can Live Like a Rock Star on a Youth Pastor's Salary

– Utilize restaurant (among other things) coupons (Entertainment Book, Groupon, I highly recommend the Entertainment Book because it gives you not only buy one get one free coupons for restaurants and discounts on movies, but also gives you a lot of free promos to try many services out, without having to give a credit card number.

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10 Ways You Can Use Twitter to Make a Positive Impact

10 Ways You Can Use Twitter to Make a Positive Impact. 1. Share a Quote: There is something about quotes that seem to have a profound impact on people and the way they think.Take a quote that’s somewhere in the 120 character range and the impact is elevated to an even higher level, and it’s definitely more memorable.

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5 Much Healthier Ways to Tackle Your Critics

(To which I always say, then get off your couch and do something with your life.) Criticism is always easier than contribution. And leadership means contributing, not just criticizing. Theodore Roosevelt said it so well over a century ago: “Christmas Gift Coupons for Parents

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Family Night Idea for Your Church: “Family Connect”

Family Night Idea for Your Church: “Family Connect” It went off as a super hit with our families. We expected 75 people and about 125 showed up (out of a church of 450). (I got a stack of free coupons from a local self-serve yogurt shop that wanted to support our Family Connect Night).

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4 Money Mistakes Youth Pastors Make -

4 Money Mistakes Youth Pastors Make. By. Aaron Helman - January 3, 2013. 0. SHARES. Imagine you ran a retreat center that was running far below capacity during the off-season. Would you rather rent your space at discounted price or not rent it at all? I know a guy who would call his volunteers to ask them to cut pizza coupons from the

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7 Ways to Prepare to Serve - ChurchLeaders

God wants us to prepare to serve long before a need is made known. Keep track of how much money you save with coupons, and give that amount to someone struggling on a pension. 5. Clean out. How the American Church Is Off-Mission. Articles for Outreach & Missions.

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Racial Justice: Peter, Paul and Race

In sum: Showing partiality is a violation of the gospel because we are justified by faith, not works, and in the gospel, God has made one new man out of the two (Eph. 2:15). This, I don’t think, has ever been a controversial point among Reformed folk, and indeed many of those in the “anti-social justice warrior” camp have been saying the same thing for a long time, positing SJW’s as

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