Online 1st Grade Typing Games |

1st grade Typing Online Games. Our collection of first grade typing games give your students a head start on essential computer skills! Start building your students' digital fluency with first grade typing games that help them master the keyboard. With activities that offer practice with the top, bottom, and home rows, as well as typing numbers

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How to Calculate Discounts | Worksheet |

Figure out what "30 percent off" or "40 percent off" really mean to your wallet. Download Free Worksheet sale prices, mall discounts, mall prices, how to calculate discounts 5th grade. Math. Worksheet. How to Multiply Decimals. Worksheet. How to Multiply Decimals. Use this worksheet to learn all about multiplying decimals. 5th grade.

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Guided Lessons |

Our tablet app and web browser access lets you confidently hand off your device knowing that your child will be learning as they play. Download the Guided Lessons app. Guided Lessons in the classroom. We provide tools for teachers to manage their class as students progress through Guided Lessons. Get an eagle-eyed view into each student's

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Printable Games Worksheets |

Keep the educational ball rolling throughout the year (including summer) with our printable games worksheets, which are a perfect blend of stimulating, challenging, and amusing. Dot-to-dot and coloring pages, along with matching games, will keep little ones enthralled while improving counting, alphabet, memory, and motor skills.

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Valentine's Day Activities for Kids (Page 4) |

Make Valentine's Day coupons for friends and family this February. s Day is the perfect excuse to bust out the paper and glue and get crafting, but it also provides a great jumping off point for many skills-based lessons! In addition to honing creativity and fine motor skills, kids can practice writing with Valentine poems and word games

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Father's Day Activities for Kids |

Help your child celebrate and honor the most important man in their life with these Father’s Day activities and gift ideas. These creative project ideas provide easy-to-follow instructions that will allow any child to create a handmade gift they’ll be proud to give Dad, from personalized cookie jars and hand-crafted picture frames to a Father’s Day hike topped off with a baseball-themed

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Writing Activities for Kids (Page 2) |

Mother's Day Coupons. Help Mother's Day feel special for weeks and months ahead, while giving your child some good writing practice, too. Use a beloved toy as a jumping-off point for a fantastic storytelling exercise in this activity that will get the littlest ones thinking about creative writing.

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5 Ways Teachers Can Cut the Cost of Classroom Supplies

Download the app so you can look up coupons on the go and save money on spur-of-the-moment purchases. You can almost always find coupons for 10–30 percent off throughout the year, allowing you to buy more supplies or put some money away. 5. Encourage kids to limit waste

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Worksheets for Kids & Free Printables |

Free Worksheets and Printables for Kids. Not only do these worksheets help boost academic proficiency in all subjects across all grade levels, but they’re designed to make the entire learning experience more enjoyable for young minds. For instance, your little one will be more inclined to practice the alphabet when you print out our

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1st Grade Holidays Worksheets & Free Printables (Page 6

Use time off from school to keep spelling skills fresh with this 4th of July spelling worksheet. 1st grade. Reading & Writing. Mother's Day Coupons. Kids come up with their own special Mothers Day gifts from the heart with this set of coupons. 4th grade.

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Dance Worksheets & Free Printables |

Dancing is more than just body movement; it’s an art form. Teach your child all about the history of different kinds of dance and encourage an active lifestyle. Dance worksheets include coloring pages, famous dancer biographies, dance position printables, and more. Children of any age can benefit from dance worksheets.

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