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Redeeming Reward Coupon Codes – GameHouse Support

Step 3 - When reward coupon code box is ticked (will show as $0.00 if you have a 100% off code) Alternatively, you can also copy and paste the coupon code into the provided section. Note: If you have credits also, be sure to untick the credit box first before applying the coupon code. Manually redeeming reward coupon codes. 1.

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The Worlds' Legends - Kashchey The Immortal | GameHouse

Finished within approximately an hour and a half or so. If you are paying full price, I would pass on this one since there are some way better ones out there for the money but if you are playing on Fun Pass or using a coupon code and are looking for a quick game to play, its not too terrible. I liked it enough to play it through.

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Delicious - Emily’s Road Trip Official Walkthrough - GameHouse

The family’s vacation gets off to a bad start. Despite this, Emily will meet an old friend. Show Level 11 Mouse Location . This is your first shift on the road: Exciting! Level 11 acts as another tutorial level, allowing you to gain your bearings around the restaurant. Make coffee by clicking on the beans on top of the coffeemaker, or create

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Dying for Daylight | GameHouse

It is not like she found the formula and she is off on a new adventure. She still is looking for it. I have never been so outraged. I can see if it was a new adventure. It is not . If you can pay for it with a credit, coupon code or pay not much more than $6, its worth it fr being half of a game.

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100% Hidden Objects | GameHouse

No story,nothing to take my mind off the purpose of finding stuff and there are a TON of things to find and ways they can be found !! Great graphics,obviously very,very big replay value and just a great game for finding stuff !! 30805354 | Added on: August 19, 2013 When I purchase hidden object games that is the only thing I want in that game.

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Maggie's Movies - Second Shot | GameHouse

Download Maggie's Movies - Second Shot today, or play this and 2400+ other top games online for free at GameHouse.

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Funpass Unlimited Play | GameHouse

30% off any game you'd like to own! FunPass members receive 30% off every game purchase, including Platinum titles. In addition, this 30% is added on top of any special offer we have at the time of your purchase!

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Happy Chef 3 Collector's Edition | GameHouse

The game started off fun but quickly became draining and chaotic. I agree w/ other reviewers, customers loose patience too quickly regardless of upgrades. The drag & drop seemed a bit off too - wish they added something which you could use your right button, or another option. Definitely not a fun game for me and wouldn't recommend.

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Fabulous - Angela's Wedding Disaster Collector's Edition

its playable but not all that much fun-you can hardly make any diamonds as getting more than 1 star on 95% of the lvls is impossible, there should be a slower rate for some of us, you spend so much time doing the diamond games you cant do any of the reg parts, it became for me a "just get thru it cuz you paid for it" game-will be last angela game i EVER play or buy-will stick to the emily's

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7 Roses - A Darkness Rises Walkthrough - GameHouse

• Zoom in on Sun Symbol button to turn it off. This slides plaque to reveal a dark passage. • Click to enter dark passage. Amy’s World. The passage is a portal returning Amy to Madame Everwind’s House in Amy’s world. Madame Everwind’s House • Talk to Elder. • Pick up Staff part.

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