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You Can Do It Chart {25 Day} - iMom

The 25 Day You Can Do It chart will help your children stay motivated and focused as they strive to reach a goal. Every day you can celebrate a small victory by checking a day off on the chart.

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Clean Up Cards - iMom

Clean Up Cards. SHARE THE LOVE . Divvy up the chores and get the housework done so that mom will have time for some family fun! and let them check it off when their mission is accomplished. DOWNLOAD. More iMOM Printables. Printable The Story of Christmas. Printable Christmas Coupons. Printable Family Christmas Bucket List. Printable Husband

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iSpy Game for Fall - iMom

For a fun, seasonal twist on iSpy games, we’ve created the iSpy Game for Fall. This printable encourages kids to keep an eye out for this season’s sights: changing leaves and cozy scarves and warm beverages in big mugs. How many fall scenes will your children see this season? Let them check off each autumn item on the list. Want the fun to

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Fourth of July Trivia Game - iMom

Fourth of July Trivia Game. Then three went off in a row spelling U- S- A- as the crowds loudly chanted, “USA, USA, USA.” Then another went shooting into the sky, spelling out FREEDOM as it exploded. The tiny fingers of kids pointed into the sky with amazement in their eyes as their parents started to sing the “Star Spangled Banner

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Exploring Nature Talk - iMom

When the timer goes off, examine their findings using our Exploring Nature family conversation starters. DOWNLOAD. More iMOM Printables. Printable The Story of Christmas. Printable Christmas Coupons. Printable Family Christmas Bucket List. Printable Husband and Wife Bucket List. Printable Let’s Talk about Peer Pressure . Printable Good

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Behavior Charts for Kids You’ll Love! - iMOM

Free behavior charts for kids to motivate your child and paired with parenting tips for you. Good Manners Reward Coupons. you drop the kids off at school and return home to a cup of coffee, made beds, a clean kitchen, and a fed dog… no, it’s not too good to be true.

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Keep your elbows off the table Put your napkin in your lap Wait to eat until everyone is served Use "Please" and "Thank You" to ask for dishes — don't reach Ask to be excused when finished Excuse yourself when making rude noises — like burping or slurping Swallow your food before speaking

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College Packing List - iMom

Use our College Packing List to make packing for college more efficient and less stressful for you and your child. Look over the checklist together and see what your child can live without, and what needs to be added.

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Free Printables for Kids and Moms - iMOM

A hand-crafted collection of free printables for moms and kids designed to simplify your life and make it sweeter. iMOM’s three cute Christmas coloring pages could be just the Christmas magic you need to check off those last items on your to-do list. Where’s the magic? you might ask. Well, the coloring pages will keep your children busy

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Free Printable Contracts for Kids and Teenagers! - iMOM

Printable contracts for kids and teenagers Sibling Peace Contract. Sibling jealousy and constant fighting is a common issue that every mom must resolve. Use the Sibling Peace Contract to […] Self-Control Contract. I love my kids, but there is a silly mode that they get into that puts me on edge. I finally realized why it makes me so anxious.

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