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Representing a new addition to IOP's world-leading plasmas portfolio, Plasma Research Express is a broad, multidisciplinary journal devoted to publishing new experimental and theoretical research covering all areas of fundamental, engineering and applied plasma science at low and high temperatures. To be published in Plasma Research Express, an article must be scientifically rigorous and

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In situ 2D maps of pH shifts across brass–lead galvanic

Coupons removed from each flow cell were moved to a transparent acrylic flow cell which was filled with the same test water (i.e. pH 9.0, 100 mg Cl − /L, 100 mg /L, 10 mg C/L DIC, and 4.0 mg Cl 2 /L free chlorine). The coupon was then acclimated under the same water conditions for 1 h before profile measurements.

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Fatigue failure monitoring of 316L stainless steel coupons

Fatigue failure monitoring of 316L stainless steel coupons using optical fibre based distributed strain sensing Ben De Pauw 1,2 , Michaël Hinderdael 3 , Marc Moonens 3 , Dieter De Baere 3 , Thomas Geernaert 1,2 , Francis Berghmans 1,2 and Patrick Guillaume 3

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Surface texture measurement for additive manufacturing

The Ra parameter was used for the tactile profile measurements and they were repeated three times at each position on each face of the coupons. The cut-off length was set to 8 mm, in accordance with ISO 4288. Optical areal measurements were made at three different positions on each face of the coupons.

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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Volume 142, Number

Coupons of EP316L stainless steels, two types of stainless steel welds, and Hastelloy C‐22 were exposed to containing 0.5, 10, 100, and 1000 ppm moisture. The coupons were exposed to for 10 days, then the was thoroughly purged from the reactor. The samples were then transferred under nitogen into a scanning electron microscope and analyzed by

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Smart Materials and Structures, Volume 19, Number 1

Using our design, 0.4 mW power across a load resistance at off-resonance operation is obtained in shaker experiments. In the actual operation, the tangential accelerations as a result of the tire–road contact are estimated to supply power around 1 mW with our design, which is sufficient for powering wireless tire sensors.

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IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering

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Polyvinylpyrrolidones (PVPs): Switchable Leveler Additives

The suppressing activity of the PVPs can be switched on by the Cl (on-state) acting as a synergist and switched off by the SPS (off-state) acting as an antagonist (Fig. 3–4). This chemical switch is the origin for the reversibility in the PVP action, at least at low current densities

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Atmospheric Corrosion of Lead: The Influence of Formic

It was concluded that the source is the wooden organ wind system, 1 wood being known to emit a variety of organic vapors. 2–4 The relatively high concentration of organic acid vapors in the organ environment and the accumulation of acetate and formiate on lead coupons exposed inside the wind system indicated that organic acids play a dominant

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2 purge was switched off. Finally the CV was run at a scan rate of 5mV/s. The rotation rate is 30 rpm during CVs unless otherwise specified. Coupon plating.—Electrolytic cobalt plating was carried out in a 500 mL bath. A Ag/AgCl electrode and cobalt anode were used as reference and counter electrodes respectively. Coupons measuring

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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Volume 164, Number

The grinding and drying stages are flushed with an inert drying gas producing an off-gas loaded with different organic solvent components. High boiling components can be removed with condensation, while low boiling components were captured by a consecutive adsorption. Using a flow sheet simulation the main influences on the exhaust gas flow and

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