How To Fix Login Failed For User ''. (Microsoft SQL Server

Hi TSRam, If you are trying to connect using SQL Server Authentication, verify that SQL Server is configured in Mixed Authentication Mode and verify that SQL Server login exists and that you have spelled it properly.

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Barcode Good on Screen, not Shown when Printed

I have authored a report that has a barcode on it. Looks great in VS, looks great in IE7 when deployed, but it prints in a human readable font. What's odd is that if I click the print button for IE itself instead of the button in the report viewer, it prints out. If I copy the page content and · Close. Actually, someone suggested that perhaps I

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js06 nid help (spreadsheet gear)

KAM's Train Tools - Model Train Software $10 off on the purchase of your first Train Tools software application for model train operation. Train Tools software is a set of tools for the operation of your Model Train Layout and provides a software developer's kit designed for use with Visual Studio Express.

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hollispode8's Profile

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Msdn forums - Windows and Windows phone apps

Starting today, no Windows Phone 8.0 device will be able to be developer unlocked. You have three options to continue testing Windows Phone 8.0 packages: - - updating the phone to Windows Phone 8.1 and unlocking it for developer testing - - submitting the apps as beta through the Windows Dev · Over the last month, we’ve brought the Windows Store

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bypass or supress print dialog box

Hi! I'm developing this web aplication for an intranet where the user can print a list, I want this to be automatic, I know I can do so by using a java script, but then I was asked to avoid the browser to show the printer dialog box so the printing process would be much more faster and easier · Actually for the IE environment there's an ActiveX

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C# - Technical Assignment for a Newbie

Hi there! Would you be so kind to formulate (not necessarily in too much details, but as good as you may spend time on that) the technical assignment which would include Visual C#, SQL for MS SQL Server and/or Access, XML and ADO.NET? Additional components are more than welcome. I am learning · You're asking for suggestions about what your

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Outlook 2013 behavior as an IMAP client

Hi Andrew, I reproduced your scenario using Exchange and Outlook 2013, the X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook 15.0 remained unchanged. In order to investigate the case you described, I would like to see an unencrypted network capture starting from the session establishment and see how the header, more exactly the ‘X-Mailer’ has been changed.

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Msdn forums - SQL Server

SQL Server Developer Center Sign in. United States (English)

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Thoughts on the Malicious Code Prevention Sticky Thread

If I wanted a full install of VS6 and MSDN I would have to turn the av off pior to installing - but I only used/installed vb6 anyways. I've stopped putting vb6 on the new w7 64-bit PC - for while it works ok, I'm forcing myself to abandon vb6 and use as I feel that VB6 is now showing that it's past its sell-by date.

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