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Is SingleCare a Scam? A Pharmacist Reveals the Truth

The CVS deal saves and extra $5 off your first time fill using your CVS specific SingleCare discount card. If CVS is the best price for your prescription just take or transfer your prescription there and the extra savings will automatically be applied.

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SingleCare Vs GoodRx: Battle of Rx Discount Cards

My Coupons where you save the coupons you need to get the best prices (beware you probably shouldn’t do this if you want the best price EVERY time) Passcode protection for your HIPAA protect info; Notifications for refill reminders, price alerts, medication news, and more (these get real annoying real fast but thankfully you can shut them off)

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A Review of Blink Health (Bonus Coupon code

What makes Blink Health unique and so innovative? The main difference is with Blink Health you pay the SAME PRICE no matter what pharmacy within their network YOU chose to use.

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Best Prescription Discount Card to Use at Walgreens

Singlecare has recently started a promotion with Walgreens where you can save an additional $5 off your prescription the first time your use your Singlecare card at Walgreens. This may be a time-limited promotion so make sure you take advantage of it while it still going.

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Best Prescription Discount Card to Use at Walmart

Walmart is well known as the low price leader in the retail world. For the

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GoodRx Review: It's Not All Good at - TheFrugalPharmacist

Chances are you have seen the GoodRx tv commercials, a display full of their prescription discount cards at your doctor’s office, urgent care lobby, or veterinarians office, or have even been told about GoodRX directly from your doctor, pharmacist, pharmacy technician, friend, or family member.

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Singlecare Pharmacy Discount Card [An in depth review

Click now to get $5 off the first prescription you fill at CVS or Walgreens using the Singlecare prescription discount card. If you are away on vacation and become sick or if you have restrictive network insurance you can utilize the affordable video physician visit service instead of paying an out of network insurance copay.

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TheFrugalPharmacist – TheFrugalPharmacist

Don't Leave Without Learning How to Save Tons of Money on Your Prescriptions. Read More Insider Tips Here

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Blink Health vs GoodRx Gold: The Ultimate Showdown

One thing to keep in mind is that medication prices are continually changing, so it is a good idea to double check the price through GoodRx Gold before heading off to the pharmacy. If not be wary when picking up your prescription that the pricing could fluctuate and change after the first time you look the price up. Which has the best discount?

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